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I love knowing that I am helping somebody else, just by buying something cool! ~ Ann I.

Buy yourself (or someone else) something nice and feel good about it at the same time. ~ Vijay R.

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What Gives This Shop Purpose?

"The Shop With Purpose" is different...

Yes, we have some of the coolest products available, but more than that...

We want you to know that your purchases matter!

Not just to you, but to others who are less fortunate...

We are blessed to be of the fortunate ones, and we want to help others, but it can feel as if there is not much that one person can do to help...

However, collectively, we can make a difference!

We give 5% of each purchase to The Young Living Foundation  and / or The Kings Ransom Foundation, who both do great work, help in many ways, and ensure that 100% of donations reach the ones in need.

So, you can feel good knowing that while you are getting some really awesome, unique products, at the same time you are actually making a contribution to the betterment of someone's world... a bit at a time.

Together we can make a positive difference, and isn't that what really matters?

Love God, Serve Others and Have Fun!

Janine & Johnny  @ NSB Custom Tees & Laser Engraving



Thank You!

Your heart for helping others and your generosity are much appreciated!